What actually are the changes to the National Curriculum?

Last month, the Department of Education published draft guidance for changes to be made to the National Curriculum.

We’re giving you all the scoop on how these changes will effect both the teaching staff and daily functioning of schools throughout the UK.

The Guidance The new guidance aims to ensure that education better prepares young people for life in the modern world. Among other things, the guidance teaches pupils the features of healthy friendships, family relationships and everyday scenarios which they are likely to encounter. It will also teach students modern aspects of relationships, including how to use technology safely and how to keep personal information private.

When is the guidance effective from? The guidance will be mandatory in all schools across the country from September 2020. It will add to the National Curriculum the study of health education and a reformed version of relationships education in primary school and relationships and sex education in secondary school.

Do I need to start preparing? It is expected that schools will be supporting this guidance by preparing to teach the new subjects across UK primary and secondary schools from September 2018. However, materials are not expected to be accessible until September 2019. Where can I access a copy of the guidance? You can access a copy of the draft guidance by heading to or by clicking the link below:

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